DJI Mini 3 Pro

We have recently added the DJI Mini 3 Pro to our fleet of drones, which allows us to fly in the ‘Open’ drone category, giving greater access for surveys and photography.


We’ve been supporting Warm Norm and BHASSEXPLORE in their admirable project to remove plastic and synthetic waste from the beaches between Holywell and Birling Gap, on the UK’s south eastern coast. See a selection of stills and video below (the weather really was that good!)…

On 6th Aug ’20, Warm Norm and BHASSEXPLORE.COM completed stage 1 of their 3 year project to clear plastic waste and man made debris from the coastline between Cuckmere Haven and Holywell. With the help of the Marine Voluntary Service, bales of plastic, rubbish, and man made debris were removed from the beach by Beachy Head Lighthouse and transported to the Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne, and onwards to a recycling centre.

Zenmuse Z30

We’ve added a Zenmuse Z30 camera to use with our M210 Enterprise drone. This excellent camera features a 30x zoom feature which helps us deliver incredible detail when conducting inspections and surveys…see below

Covid Activity

Although there have been fewer operations during this difficult time, we have delivered surveying jobs for local companies. These took place at buildings that are currently unoccupied as a result of the ‘lockdown’. It has also given us the opportunity to test various Zoom lenses on our larger enterprise drone, the Matrice M210.


Very pleased to report the annual renewal of our Permission for Commercial Operation, by the CAA. This year, as drone regulation tightens, there were quite a few changes, with more to come in 2020. We are therefore up to date with all the recent legislation and will continue to keep abreast of all changes.

Richard Soan Roofing Services

We have just successfully completed survey works for Richard Soan Roofing. They had installed a Barrel Vault roof to a school in Crawley and needed aerial views of the installation and surrounding areas. Once again, this was a sensitive area, being close to Gatwick Airport and we obtained a special permission from Air Traffic Control at Gatwick. When the school was closed, we visited the site and using both the M210 and the Mavic 2 Pro, we took stills and some surround video.

Kier Construction

We have recently completed a survey of Crawley Town Hall for Kier Construction, delivering hi res video and stills. Prior to demolition and rebuild, the building has to be documented. This was a sensitive project, being within the Gatwick Airport No Fly Zone. However a special permission was granted by Air Traffic Control and the project has been completed satisfactorily.

Glynde Estates

We have recently provided video footage, high quality stills and terrain mapping to the Glynde Estate on a variety of their farms and industrial estates. The aerial view gives a very useful perspective and supports planning and logistics for the estate’s works. We have worked closely with the estate managers and farm personnel to make sure all missions are safe, and there is little or no impact on residents and livestock.