A selection of our high quality aerial photographs used for marketing, inspection, surveying and progress reports.


A selection of our videos, originally filmed at 4K resolution, for marketing, inspections and surveying.

Terrain Mapping

Below is a link to an ‘orthomosaic’, created using our Mavic 2 Pro. An orthomosaic is a photograph created by taking multiple aerial photos and then stitching them together, using software, to form a geometrically corrected and accurate single image. The advantage of these images is that very large areas can be photographed at high resolution allowing for great detail and accuracy. They are widely used for planning, mapping and modelling. Please view the example below, and zoom in to see the detail that the high resolution affords:



DJI Mini 3 Pro

We have recently added the DJI Mini 3 Pro to our fleet of drones, which allows us to fly in the ‘Open’ drone category, giving greater access for surveys and photography.


We’ve been supporting Warm Norm and BHASSEXPLORE in their admirable project to remove plastic and synthetic waste from the beaches between Holywell and Birling Gap, on the UK’s south eastern coast. See a selection of stills and video below (the weather really was that good!)…

Zenmuse Z30

We’ve added a Zenmuse Z30 camera to use with our M210 Enterprise drone. This excellent camera features a 30x zoom feature which helps us deliver incredible detail when conducting inspections and surveys…see below